How can we love when our streets are running red?
When there is a three-year drought in
the state of California
but the golf courses stay green?
When our neighbors
are face down on the pavement?
When our country has its
hands up, screaming “don’t shoot?”
When “protect and serve” is a running joke?
When rapists are given a slap on the hand
and put back on the football team
in time for the new season?
When we wake up
to the sound of pregnant women
begging their bellies to not
burst anytime soon?

How can we love in this world?

But how,
when things are so fragile,
when we only have each other,
when “change” is a joke
we keep swigging in hopes
that it will get us drunk,
when it’s all we have left

can we not?


What Else Is There | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

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my eyelashes are longer than your boyfriend’s dick

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